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Whether businesses need short-term help bookkeeping help or a contract bookkeeper for a fixed time period, Search Solution Staffing provides customized staffing solutions. Our staffing firm is connected with the nation’s top temp and contract bookkeeping talent, and can quickly access our database of available talent for urgent needs.

When companies come to our firm in need of custom staffing solutions, our team assesses the company’s business model and the specific job functions of the role. This allows us to efficiently scan our temp and contract talent network to The recruiters at our firm have a network comprised of experienced and professional bookkeepers our clients need to balance the books. Our long list of capable and dependable bookkeepers have worked across all industries and possess the experience that companies need.

Whether a company is using Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAO, or other platforms, Search Solution Staffing finds employment solutions to meet the needs of companies of all industries and sizes. Finding bookkeepers with experience managing varying cycles of billing, receivables with different billing cycles, or single vs. multi-unit experience can be difficult to find on short notice. Simply let the dedicated accounting recruiters at Search Solution Staffing know the level of experience, necessary software knowledge, and the size of the company, and we will connect you with the right bookkeeping talent.

book keeper staffing book

Bookkeeper Qualifications

Qualifications Include:

  • Education in Accounting or Finance
  • Experience in Accounts Payable and/or Accounts Receivable
  • Working knowledge of Excel, Quickbooks or similar software
  • Ability to work independently

Bookkeeper Responsibilities

Responsibilities Include:

  • Monitor charges and payments
  • Maintain detailed records and reports
  • Frequently enter accounts payable and receivable
  • Perform periodic reconciliations, audits, and create financial reports

Accounting Staffing Solutions:

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Temporary Bookkeeper Staffing

For immediate & short-term employment needs, Search Solution Staffing offers temporary bookkeepers for our clients. We understand that our clients need temporary bookkeeping services quickly and efficiently, so we strive to meet these needs as promptly as possible. Keep things running smoothly and hire the right temporary bookkeeper today!

Contract Bookkeeper Staffing

Sometimes contract bookkeepers are needed for a predetermined amount of time. Whether the need for a contract bookkeeper is driven by seasonal fluctuations, project-based needs, employee vacation, or maternity leave, Search Solution Staffing will assist you in finding a solution that works for your business. Not only will our team find the perfect professional to work with your company for the duration of the contract, but our clients also always have the option to extend a full-time offer, should you like to keep the employee permanently.

Contract-to-Hire Bookkeeper Staffing

Contract-to-Hire is an ideal way to quickly fill a position while reserving the right to delay a permanent offer until the employee is thoroughly vetted. Many clients prefer to hire in this manner as it reduces risk and allows the client to assess the needs of a role completely. If you are looking to move quickly but would prefer not to rush into a permanent decision, this option is for you.

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