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App Development

An application developer creates, tests, and programs applications for web or software applications. These applications are used in almost every type of device, from desktop to mobile, and the application developer is the driving force behind their successful implementation.

These developers work in teams to identify ideas and concepts for general improvement or to address a specific customer concern. Your ideal application developer should be able to vet our ideas and ensure every part of the concept is thoroughly thought out and accounted for. A strong understanding of specific coding languages, such as SQL, Java, C#, C++, Python, PHP or Ruby, is absolutely essential and very specific to your project.

The team at Search Solution Staffing has placed many application developers into successful short-term or temp-to-hire roles with companies ranging in size from startups to large corporations. We are ready to bring you the specific candidate you need to ensure your new application is completed and launched without a hitch.

Flexible Application Development Staffing

We offer several different methods to provide your company with the app development solution that is right for your specific need.

Temporary Application Development Staffing

When the need for personnel is unexpected or short-term we are happy to assist with immediate staffing solutions. By working with our clients to provide temporary short term employment solutions, they are able to maintain productivity while keeping costs to a minimum.

Contract Application Development Staffing

For longer temporary employment, temporary contract professionals will give your company the ability to have consistency during times of fluctuation which will keep your department productive. Of course, there are many times when a company may elect to make a permanent offer and we will happily work with your company to facilitate this process.

Temp-to-Hire Application Development Staffing

Temp-to-Hire is an ideal way to fill a position quickly and will allow your company to fill open positions without committing to a permanent hire. This is ideal for situations in which the company has an immediate need such as an employee’s unplanned departure or fast growth. Regardless of the reason, our experienced engineering recruiters are ready and able to become a permanent member of your team once they have proven their ability to make a positive impact on your company.

I Need to Make a Hire