Interview Tips: What Not To Say

Nobody is perfect, a candidate can be a pro when it comes to job interviews, but there is always a chance for error. Poor etiquette in a job interview can ruin the candidates chances of landing a position, even if they’re highly qualified. Here are some interview blunders that could unquestionably disqualify a candidate from scoring the position:

  1. “What does your company do?”two women at a table A question like this will make the candidate look as if they don’t even care enough to run a simple Google search.
  2. “S***, B***, F***”
    Admit it, everyone curses. However, it’s better to hold off on the profanities in job interviews. This goes double for any offensive, racist, or sexist speech!
  3. “What job am I interviewing for?”
    A candidate making it this far in the interview process without having an understanding of the position they are interviewing for is almost unheard of. However, if the candidate is legitimately puzzled, it is better to ask about what kind of person succeeds in the position to sound less clueless and more engaged.
  4. “This isn’t my top choice.” The interviewer is not going to like someone that seems to have the intent of using the position as a small stepping stone to something bigger and better. A candidate may have a dream job on the side they’re waiting to hear back from, but they shouldn’t make the interviewer feel like their organization is not being respected.
  5. “I better get this job or…”
    Even if the candidate is only kidding (Well hopefully, they’re kidding), this statement will just come across as overly aggressive and creepy.
  6. “I hated my last boss”
    Even if a candidate’s last company had a plethora of idiots and jerks, they should keep that to themselves and put an optimistic spin on the experience. The hiring manager wants to decide if the candidate is a good fit for their organization, not hear them complain about the past.
  7. “If I don’t get this job, I don’t know what I’ll do”
    Not a single interviewer will allow themselves to be guilted into offering a job to an unqualified candidate, so please save the sob story.
  8. “Do you want to grab dinner sometime?” “Wow! You have a beautiful smile!”
    Don’t flirt with the interviewer. Let’s say it again, do not flirt with the interviewer. This is highly inappropriate and will end badly.
  9. “I know I am not the most qualified person in the world, but…”
    If the candidate says this, the valid response from the interviewer is, “Oh, you’re not? Goodbye then.” No need for the self-depreciation, the interviewer clearly thinks the candidate is qualified enough to bring them in for an interview, so there is no need to say things which display a lack of confidence.
  10. “Are you married? Are you pregnant?”
    A candidate should never ask the interviewer any kind of personal questions or anything that could sound offensive. It is off-putting and unprofessional.
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