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Inbound Support Staffing

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Our call center staffing experts provide staffing solutions for inbound support, call center, and technical support across all industries. Our services recognize talent according to your company culture and standards of excellence. Whether you need a temporary bilingual representative, technical specialist, or general support, Search Solution Staffing delivers a quality candidate with the urgency your company requires.

Maintaining a consistent service standard at all times is crucial, and can prove costly. Your call center must be staffed accordingly to allow for each call to be handled in a timely fashion. Since call volume varies greatly depending on the time of day, year, or season, Search Solution Staffing is standing by to provide your company support to match the staffing levels needed at any time, providing prompt customer service and helping you control staffing costs.

inbound support staffing firm tablet

Inbound Support Representative Qualifications

Qualifications Include:

Knowledge of the product or service
Ability to handle the inquiry personally or transfer calls to a specialist
Excellent listening skills
Superb at analyzing situations and solving problems
Adaptability and ability to work in a team 

Inbound Support Representative Responsibilities

Responsibilities Include:

Answer calls, emails, or chat boxes and resolve inquiries
Use available resources to research required information
Maintain and update a database with existing customer information
Fulfill requests by completing transactions and forwarding requests
Recognize opportunities to up-sell additional services and explain new features

Flexible Staffing Solutions:

Flexible Staffing Services

Search Solution Staffing offers three distinct options for providing your company with the most beneficial flexible staffing solution:

Temporary Inbound Support Staffing

Sometimes companies have short-term gaps which are usually accompanied by immediate needs. For immediate & short term employment needs, Search Solution Staffing offers contract staffing options for our clients. We are more than happy to provide administrative staffing services for any duration, even if it is only a few days. Keep things running smoothly and hire the right professionals today!

Contract Inbound Support Staffing

When professionals are needed for a set amount of time, temporary contract staffing is the most appropriate solution for your company. Search Solution Staffing managers can assist your company in determining the terms of these agreements and will be happy to collaborate to find the best professional for the job. Your company also has the option to hire temps permanently should you determine that they are a good fit for a full-time role.

Contract-to-Hire Inbound Support Staffing

Clients that have permanent needs but are not ready to make a permanent offer may elect to bring temps aboard on a contract-to-hire basis. Our team of staffing experts can easily help your company determine the exact terms and conditions of this solution. By quickly filling an open position, but also taking the time to fully evaluate the candidate, your company will simultaneously reduce risk and maximize productivity.

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